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“Fast pace, addictive beats that are on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s sound,” is one of the many ways to describe the sounds of DJ TRE. Constantly remaining one step ahead of the trends, DJ TRE’s unique sounds have earned him the name of ‘Mr. Exclusive’ from platinum artist Mike Jones. In a market over saturated with DJ’s, DJ TRE outshines the sounds of others and captivates his audience every time he steps up to the tables, keeping the dance floor packed from start to finish. With his clever ability to mix new sounds with old favorites, he unites himself with the audience, no matter how large or small. From the central mid-west, DJ TRE is no stranger to the sounds and beats of the nightlife scene. DJ TRE began to gain his respect and understand the importance of keeping a beat with learning the footwork required of break dancing. At the age of 14, influenced by the sounds of legends in the music industry such as Q-Bert and Jazzy Jeff, he averted to mixing music together and soon found his love and passion for creating sounds that people can move to.

In order to gain experience and exposure in the industry, DJ TRE began mixing at live parties and spinning as a resident DJ in clubs around Chicago including Zero Gravity and Galaxy Club. His love for dance music and the hottest tracks with high BPM’s made it a natural for DJ TRE to begin spinning in an environment which required lots of energy. It was at these venues where he utilized his time networking, experimenting with new music, and began creating a sound of his own. When he wasn’t spinning live sets, DJ TRE spent countless hours and days honing his beats on the tables, perfecting his skills and creating a sound unlike anyone else in the industry.


It wasn’t long before DJ TRE’s talents lead him to become a Bumsquad DJ in 2004. The Bumsquad DJz, their sounds and levels of experience, further increased Tre’s respect and appreciation for the Hip-Hop scene. “It was with the Bumsquad DJz where I truly learned that the music is in the hands of the crowd. You have to feel them out and learn to read their vibe. If a beat isn’t moving the floor, switch it up to get them moving.” DJ TRE still remains an official Bumsquad DJ today and has never left the Bumsquad family but instead, has grown from his experience with them.

Since working with the Bumsquad DJz, DJ TRE has branched off and worked with a number of musical talents across the spectrum of sound. He has made mix tapes with a number of platinum artists including The Ying Yang Twins, Paul Wall, David Banner, and Mike Jones. Tre’s talents have even landed him on stage with a number of artists including Nelly Furtado, Hinder, Chris Brown, Paula Deanda, Twista, along with many others.


Along the way, he never lost his love for making people move on the dance floor. Bringing the sounds of Chicago and the mid-west to clubs throughout the United States, he’s learned and gained knowledge from every city he’s worked in. “Every club and every crowd is different. No two venues are going to be the same. Clubs that might be across the street from one another might require a different sound. From this, you have to learn from each place you spin at but yet contribute your own technique and formula into the mix to keep the crowd excited and wanting more. Whether it’s hip hop or dance beats, you have to know what keeps the crowd moving and in order to do that, you have to have an appreciation and love for the music you’re sending through the speakers.”